What is an inverter generator?

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Its a term used to describe a large quantity of generators on the market. But what really is an inverter generator and do you need one? Whatever brand you are looking at they will sell both inverters and non-inverters. In this article I will explain exactly what an inverter is and give you 3 benefits of purchasing one compared to purchasing a standard ‘non-inverter’ generator. To shop our full range of inverter generators, click here.

So… what is an inverter generator?

Its no secret that inverter generators tend to be more expensive than non-inverter generators, there must be a reason for this… The basic function of an inverter is to monitor the power consumption of the appliances attached to the generator and throttle the engine up and down to the level of power needed. Here are 3 benefits of Inverter Generators:

Saves Money In The Long Run

As we know from above, inverters alter the throttle depending on the power needed. This means that if you are using your generator to power a fridge which pulls 30% of the capacity of the generator. The generator will work at 30% and therefore use less fuel.

Shh… (They Are Quieter)

Taking the same example as above, a generator at 30% will be quieter than a generator working at 100%. Think about when you are in the car and push down on the throttle, the engine gets louder. Generators use the same type of engines as cars just a lot smaller. Therefore, if the generator is only working at 30% throttle, it will be a lot quieter.

Protection For Your Devices

A surge is a sudden influx of power. These can be harmful for appliances as they can create an arc of electricity within the appliance. This causes strain on the appliance and the excess energy transfers to heat energy which can cause permanent damage. By controlling the throttle of the generator, inverters offer surge protection.

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