Top 5 Silent Suitcase Generators

Why Silent?

The Summer is coming and with that comes lots of exciting outdoors events for yourself and your business. Whether you are on a camping trip with your family, catering an event or showing off your products at industry events a generator can be a welcomed addition to your arsenal. However, whats more annoying than having to shout over a field of loud generators when trying to sell your products. Its the same for the campers out there, how can you sleep whilst your camp mates generator is on full blast! Its an inherent problem with most generators due to the large number of moving parts however some manufacturers have managed to conquer the art of silent generators! Below is a list of the top 5 silent suitcase generators on sale at Generator Pro.

5 – Endress ESE 2000 T Gas/Petrol

Endress ESE 2000 T Gas Generator

At the fifth position on our list is the Endress 2000 generator with a rating of 65dBA at a distance of 7 metres. Making the Endress 2000 32 times quieter than a chainsaw! This impressive machine has a maximum output of 1650 watts and comes in both a gas and petrol format meaning that you can pick your poison. Personally, here at Generator Pro we would go for the gas option as its half the cost to run and is more environmentally friendly. You can find both variations on our website or follow the links provided here: Endress 2000 T Gas or Endress 2000 T Petrol

4 – P1PE P1000i Petrol

The P1PE P1000i is the perfect combination of reliability and affordability. P1PE use Hyundai engines meaning that you can get the reliability and customer satisfaction of a Hyundai but for a lower price! Although the P1000i has a lower output than the Endress above it is still able to produce enough juice to power a television or laptop but also has an ECO setting which lowers the RPM of the machine making the generator more efficient on fuel. P1PEs ultra efficient example of a suitcase generator also listens a bit better when you tell it to hush, coming in at a rating of 62 dBA at 7 meters. Click here to be redirected to the P1PE P1000i Petrol Generator

3 – ITC GG1000i / GG2000i / GG3000Si

The ITC Powers GG series is another example of a good use of Hyundai engines. The generator manufacturer sees P1PEs P1000i and raises it a 1000 watt, 2000 watt and 3000 watt competitor! All of which only produce 58 decibels at 75% load, dropping as low as 50 dBA for 50% load. This is about the same sound level as a conversation at a restaurant compared to a living room at home. Learn more about the: GG1000i , GG2000i or GG3000Si you can follow the links provided.

2 – Champion 2000w 82001l-E

Champion 82001l-E the most silent combustion generator

Champion, the name says it all. Unlike the American stereotype, this generator is not big, loud or in your face. It produces a respectable 2000 watts making it perfect for mid sized appliances. When I asked some of my colleagues which generator they would buy, most of them said a Champion. With its unbeatable reliability, powerful 4 stroke engine and 3 year warranty, this machine is definitely our favourite! The Champion is also very quiet rated at 53 dBA at 7 meters. Click here for more information on the Champion 82001l-E.

1 – Generator Pro 240 Volt Battery

1000W 240 Volt Battery pack. The silent power source

Ok… Ok… I know this one is slightly cheating however what is more silent than something that has no moving parts? We offer a range of battery packs with a range of capacity all of which output 240 volts. These packs are also a lot more efficient than the generators listed above. This is due to the fact that they can be charged using solar panels. Therefore, if you want a generator that isn’t going to wake up your fellow campers and will even make a ninja jealous then a 240 volt battery pack is the right way to go. All the battery packs can be found here.

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