Top 5 most interesting uses for our 240 volt battery packs

In a world where most of our daily chores require some kind of power generation, there are many uses for our 240 volt battery packs. They can be used for: catering, camping, construction, events and much more. However, here at Generator Pro we have been reminiscing about some of our more interesting customers. Below is a list of our top 5 favourite things our customers have used our battery packs for so far.

5 – Buskers

There is no doubting the power of music to improve your mood or make the day more enjoyable. Granted, some buskers sound more like a strangled cat than an angel sent from heaven. But they still manage to make a dreary shopping trip more enjoyable. We have had quiet a few busker purchase battery packs from us. Buskers can power all their amplifiers, instruments, microphones and auto tune using one of our battery packs. They can even perform for hours longer by using one of solar panels to keep the battery topped up. Ultimately meaning more music and therefore more tips!

4 – Kiosks / Market Stalls

Have you ever seen those stalls in the middle of the walk way of your local mall selling cut priced phone cases or refreshments? Most malls give them a few electrical outlets to use but some don’t. So how do they get their power? Is the answer an electrical cable going from one of the shops to the centre of the isle, decapitating shoppers as they try to walk past? Or do they use a 240 volt battery pack? Generator Pros battery packs allow kiosks and market stalls to power the essentials through the day and then they are taken home at night to be charged up. This is obviously a lot more cost effective than the latter. Having to close the mall to install a few new electrical cables is not an efficient use of resources. Neither are easily avoidable class action law suits!

3 – University Field Research

A few months ago we were approached by a well known Universities Geography and Entomology departments. They purchased a few of our battery packs to power some of their microscopes for field research. Being from the Geography and Entomology departments they were relatively environmentally conscious so our battery packs offered a welcomed green alternative to smelly, fossil fuel burning generators.

2 – Sea Bed Mapping

Around 80% of the worlds sea bed is unexplored meaning there are many secrets of the sea that haven’t been discovered. We are proud to say that our 240 volt battery packs are helping to research what lurks in the dead blue. One of our more interesting clients is a firm that uses survey equipment to map out the sea bed. This equipment obviously needs quite a lot of power to operate and with the discovery that pollution is having hugely negative effects on the sea life. When offered a green alternative to a generator, our customers jumped at it!

1 – Worlds Highest DJ Set!

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life using one of our 240 volt battery packs to set the record for the worlds highest DJ set.

This list has featured some great uses for our generators which no one in the office saw coming. However this last one is truly amazing. In 2018 the charity: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, raised money for the school in Feathers Tale Children’s Village, Tanzania by setting the record for the worlds highest DJ Set. The organizers climbed 5750 meters up Mount Kilimanjaro in order to perform. They ended up raising £62,500 towards building a specialized accommodation block for up to 50 special needs children. I know what you are thinking, a DJ set… on the top of a mountain… that requires a lot of power. You are right and one of our S650 battery packs powered the whole thing! Thank you for your efforts Last Night a DJ Saved My Life! We are incredibly proud that our battery pack could help you achieve such great things. For our full range of battery packs please click here. And if you want to know more about LNDJSML you can go to their website:

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