The Best Silent Generators

The Best Silent Generators

In some situations and environments when you need power, you also need it to be delivered as quietly as possible. For home or camping use, a noisy generator disturbing the kids or the neighbours, or for work sites where noise needs to be kept to a minimum, is not ideal.

The practicality of silent generators makes them a popular choice for home and professional use. 

This article covers the key requirements and qualities of a silent portable generator, as well as an overview of the best available silent generators in the UK. This includes silent electrical generators and silent petrol generators. 

The Best Silent Generators

Inverter generators are usually considered to be better as the power supply is cleaner (less distortion). They are more fuel-efficient and are better for the environment.

Size also matters, depending on how ‘portable’ you need your generator to be. You want the right ratio of a small enough size/low enough weight to be able to move it wherever you need power, but big enough to hold enough fuel to last as long as you’ll need it for without refuelling. 

Qualities Of A Good Silent Generator 

Silent generators do, of course, make some noise. Quiet or silent generators are typically those that come in around the 60db mark. So, this is the first quality you will be looking for in a silent generator. 

Secondly, you will need amply wattage for your needs. Too much wattage means you’ll be overspending, too little and you might not be able to power everything you need to and your generator won’t last as long as it will be overworked. 

Calculate the wattage you need by adding up the watts of the electrical equipment you are likely to be using. Ensure you consider the firing up wattage as well as the running watts required. Then, give yourself a bit of leeway for additional equipment you may have forgotten about. 

Some silent generators have an automatic turn-on function that means that when the mains power goes off, the generator kicks in with little to no power loss. This can be a very useful quality in some situations.

Other qualities that you might want to consider include things that make using a generator that little bit easier; fuel guages, run time gauges and wattage indicators. 

Pros & Cons Of Silent Generators 

There is such a wide range of silent generators to choose from that, whatever the problem you have, you’ll be able to find one that eliminates it.


  • Able to have a conversation nearby all of the generators in our table (see below).
  • Inverter generators run for longer, are better for the environment, can power even sensitive equipment and are more fuel-efficient.
  • Smaller more lightweight generators are available in quieter models.


  • Diesel generators are more polluting.
  • Smaller more lightweight generators tend to have smaller output (wattage). 

Top 5 Silent Generators To Choose From

Make/ModelNoise levelWeightWattagePrice (approx at time of publication)
Warrior 11KW Silent Diesel Generator68db295kg10,000£4000
Briggs and Stratton G80 Gas Generator67db123kg9700w£4100
Kraft Hertz 6600 Diesel Generator69db170kg5000w£970
Zipper Power ZI-STE2000IV Silent Petrol Generator64db24kg1700w£500
Hyundai HY7000LEK-2 5.5kW Recoil & Electric Start Petrol Generator65db94kg5500w£850

If you would like further help and advice on which generators are best suited to your requirements and budget then get in touch with us here at Generator Pro.

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