Stanley SIG 2000-1 1.8KW Inverter Generator

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Stanley Inverter Generator SIG 2000-1

  • Can be used with a few simple steps
  • Compact and handy design
  • Effortless transport possible
  • Sturdy metal housing for a secure stand

With the Stanley Inverter Generator SIG 2000-1 the freedom and flexibility around the house and garden are not limited, especially if no socket was available so far. In just a few steps, the powerful generator has power for a wide variety of devices. The compact and handy design allows easy and effortless driving, such as on vacation. Thanks to the sturdy metal housing, the generator guarantees a secure and firm footing.

Power: 230v / 50hz
Max. Power (KW / Amperage): 2 KW
Continuous power (KW / Amperage): 1.8 KW
Bore and stroke (mm): 60x42
Type of winding: copper
Forced air cooling, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
Motors ModelQL160
Engine power (HP): 3.4HP
Idle speed: 2800RPM
Fuel tank: 10 L
Oil tank: 0,35 L
Displacement (cc): 119cc
Continuous operation per tank filling: 8 hours (1/2 load)
Sockets: 2x230V VDE

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