Stanley Generator Basic Line SG 3100 Basic

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Stanley Generator Basic Line SG 3100 Basic

  • Powerful electricity supplier
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine
  • User-friendly start by pull starter
  • Easy to transport

The Stanley Generator Basic Line SG 3100 Basic is a high-performance power supplier that ensures the power supply even in remote locations or in the event of a power failure. With its powerful 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 2100 watts, it has a continuous output of 8.2 hours. Thanks to the cable pull starter, the device can be started in a user-friendly way. The two wheels and the ergonomically shaped handle allow the generator to be moved to the respective place of use.

Mains: 230V
Max. Power: 3,1kW
Power: 2,6kW
Bore x stroke: 70 x 55mm
Voltage regulator: AVR
Type of winding: 120mm aluminum winding
Engine type: OHV air-cooled, 4-stroke
Engine Model: 170F
Max. Engine power: 7 hp
Idling speed: 3240 rpm
Tank capacity: 15L
Oil content: 0,6L
Displacement: 212cc
Working time: 8,2h

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