Scheppach MTP560 Garden Tiller 140cc (3.5hp) 4 Stroke

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Loosening the soil and preparing the ground for planting, the scheppach cultivator provides ambitious diy enthusiasts a practical and powerful garden tool. Ideal for incorporation of shredded material, fertiliser, or compost into the ground. This tiller has the power to rotovate many different soil types. Even in hard or heavy clay soils.

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• Solid construction reduces vibration and increases durability for years of quality performance
• Adjustable tilling widths of 370 mm / 612 mm and 760 mm adds versatility and convenience
• Fuel-efficient, 140 cc (3.5 HP) engine, with forward gear
• Adjustable handlebars provide the perfect working stance for any operator, tall or small
• Comes with 6 long tines (Ø 560 mm) for efficient garden bed tilling
• Transportation is quick and easy



The best machines in your workshop are the result of the highest technology in our “workshop”. Scheppach is Europe’s most innovative producer of woodworking machines, having introduced around eighty new models since 1997. For more than 80 years our designers, technicians and engineers have thought about “tomorrow” so that scheppach is always that one step ahead of our competitors. That is what makes the difference when you buy scheppach. We call it progressive forethought. Following the introduction of our Quality Management System our standard of technology is confirmed with Certification DIN EN ISO 9001. The foundation of our new product development derives from the demands of our customers, which we convert – after careful research – into reality in a record time of four to six months. Because we listen to what our customers tell us, and combine their input with our own expertise, scheppach machines are noted for incorporating all those finer details which generally do not come in a standard specification. Inspect our machines closely and you will immediately recognise scheppach quality.

Scheppach Farm and Garden

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Dimensions L x W x H: 1390 x 605 x 980 mm
Engine displacement: 140 cc
Tilling width: max. 372 / 612 / 760 mm
Tilling Ø: 560 mm
Forward speed: 110 rpm
Tine position: Front
Number of blades: 6
Motor: 2.5 kW (3.5 HP)