Pramac PMi 1000 1000W Petrol Inverter Generator


£630.00 inc. VAT

Key Features

• Power Rating of the Pramac PMi 1000

• Easy to Start and Use

• Using Sensitive Equipment with the Electrical Power from the Pramac PMi  1000

• Low Noise Levels

• Eco Mode on The Pramac PMi 1000


From the PMi series of petrol inverter generators, the Pramac PMi 1000 is reliability economical thanks to the robust Pramac engine. The Overhead Valve (OHV) engine produces 1000W / 1 KW of power effortlessly and has been designed for recreational use. It’s best at home when powering items such as small appliances, lights, and small outdoor power tools. Plus, it can charge low voltage batteries and its compact size and low sound levels makes it a market leader.

Power Rating of the Pramac PMi 1000

It has a rated power output of 850W and maximum power output of 1000W.

This suitcase generator is extremely compact and strong, so can be stored with ease in the smallest of spaces. With a generous fuel tank of 2.1 L, the Pramac PMi 1000 leisure generator is perfect for your next outing. Plus, its surprisingly light, just 14KG. With an easy to use configuration this portable petrol generator gives you a fantastic balance between performance and price.

Is the Pramac PMi 1000 Easy to Start and Use?

You bet it is – the easy recoil start (pull start) is smooth and silky. On a well-maintained unit it starts first pull every time.

There is 1 UK 3-pin socket, a USB, one 12V 6A DC and  ports to connect your electrical equipment up to. As well as low oil shutdown and an easy to read onboard digital light display so you can see information such as, output voltage and frequency. This is important as you will need to know when your generator will need servicing after the scheduled hours run time has been reached, this will keep your generator maintained and running for thousands of hours use.

Using Sensitive Equipment with the Electrical Power from the Pramac PMi  1000

The power produced by the Pramac PMi 1000 enables a smooth voltage output via the inverter technology. This keeps the 230v output within tolerance making it safe to use with electronic equipment like PC’s, laptops TV’s and more besides.

Low Noise Levels

You might think having a portable petrol generator will be very noisy. Well think again; the Pramac PMi 1000 is surprisingly quiet at 61 dBA @ 7 metres.

Eco Mode on The Pramac PMi 1000

Fuel consumption is minimised by the Eco Mode on the PMi 1000. In Eco Mode the generator will lower its revs to increases fuel efficiency and extends the lifespan of the unit.

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