Matrix SPW 400-2 Dirty Water Pump

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  • fast pumping of ponds, excavations and drainage of cellars, garages and commercial properties
  • A 400 watt powerful motor and a maximum immersion depth of 5 m make water transport easy and problem-free.
  • Foreign objects such as sludge and stones up to 35 mm in diameter are easily removed

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The matrix wastewater pump SPW 400-2 is always used when it comes to the disposal of waste water and wastewater. Thanks to the fast pumping of ponds, excavation pits and draining basements, garages and commercial properties, it is the sturdy helper in all drainage tasks. With a powerful 400W motor and a maximum submersion depth of 5m, transporting water is now easy and effortless. Even larger foreign bodies such as slugs and stones with a diameter of up to 35 mm are no longer a problem for this powerful pump. The practical float switch is infinitely adjustable.