Matrix JP 600-2800-2 Garden Pump

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  • Pump delivery of 2800 liters / h
  • high head of 35 meters
  • Water pressure up to 3.5 bar
  • Garden pump house waterworks
  • for sprinklers and sprinklers

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The Matrix Matrix jet pump JP 600-2800-2 is suitable for all pumping tasks around the house, garden, construction site, pond, pool and well. These pressure pumps are useful tools for garden irrigation or domestic water supply with service water. These so-called garden pumps are outside of the suction source and we sucked the water through a suction hose from the pump which then passed through a hose or water line to the consumer, such as garden sprayer, Sprinkler – sprinkler, faucet, etc. The jet pump Matrix JP 600-2800-2 is the ideal pump for transporting water at the same pressure as the water pipe at up to 3.5 bar and 2800 liters per hour.

  • for rainwater use
  • Container decanting
  • drainage applications
  • for basement drainage
  • to lowering the groundwater
  • drainage pipe
  • in the pond, stream or river

Domestic equipments:

  • Water pressure up to 3.5 bar pressure as from the water pipe
  • Powerful pump with high delivery and delivery
  • Practical carrying handle
  • On / off switch
  • Motor protection switch
  • Robust and lightweight pump housing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Water filling and bleeding screw allows easy filling
  • Water drain plug (to empty in case of danger of frost)
  • For use in the garden or as a domestic water machine (for use as a house water automat special accessories are required!)
  • Sprinklers and sprinklers can be connected
  • Versatile use

Engine power: 600 watts
Network connection: 230V / 50Hz
Maximum flow per hour: 2800 l / h
Maximum delivery height: 35 m
Maximum delivery pressure: 3.5 bar
Maximum suction height: 7 m
Delivery temperature max: 35 ° C
Pump outlet internal thread: 1 inch
connection cable: 1.3 m
Dimension (LxWxH): 39 x 23 x 26 cm
mass: 6.3 kg