P1PE P5200BC 52cc 2-stroke Petrol Grass Trimmer / Brushcutter (Powered by Hyundai)

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Soft Pull recoil start for effortless staring.


Easy Load trimmer head with no dissasembly required.


Bump & Go line feed system.


Hyundai Euro II compliant engine.


Large cowhorn handles for easy control and fingertip controls.


Harness and multi position attachment for ideal balance.


Full UK spares backup to maintain your grass trimmer for years to come.


Covered by P1PE 2 year standard warranty

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This model has now been discontinued and is replaced by the HYBC5200x


The P1PE 5200BC is still powered by the reliable Hyundai Euro II compliant engine but now features a brand new ‘Soft Pull’ recoil start mechanism which allows you to start the engine with much less effort.

A gentle pull is all that’s required to get the grass trimmer up and running, making it suitable for a much broader range of users.


We all know the hassle of trying to load new nylon trimmer cord on to conventional grass trimmers, you have to dismantle the trimmer head, carefully wind the nylon cord around a spool, try and feed the cord ends through two tiny little eyelets, then try and find the spring that flown off somewhere. Well, the P5200BC now has that covered with an all-new Easy-Load trimmer head.

Simply line up the 2 arrows on the trimmer head, feed the nylon trimming line straight through the trimmer head and out the other side, then wind the knob on the top.
The line will automatically be loaded onto the spool as you turn the knob, loading the line in seconds rather than minutes with no disassembly and no spring to lose.


The grass trimming head still has the handy ‘Bump & Go’ system, so if you need to feed more trimmer line to the head during operation, simply gently tap the trimmer head onto the ground and more line will automatically be dispensed from the spool allowing you to carry on trimming without having to stop and manually feed more line out.


The P5100BC not only is a simple to use grass trimmer but it also comes supplied with a 3 tooth steel brush cutting blade suitable for cutting through denser patches of tough grass, brambles, shrubs and areas of dense weeds for when you’ve been a little bit lazy with your garden maintenance and need something a bit tougher to get the job done.

Changing the heads between grass trimming and brush cutting is simple, safe and easy and all the tools needed are included.


Finally, a new quick release split shaft has been included with the trimmer/brush cutter so you can dismantle the trimmer to half its size quickly and easily for storage or transport.

Large, ergonomic cow horn handles with fingertip controls give you complete control when using the grass trimmer/brush cutter and the full harness takes the strain so you don’t have to make working for longer more comfortable and less stressful.

The grass trimmer has a trimming width of 450mm and the brush cutter has a cutting diameter of 250mm making this machine suitable for all garden sizes and negates the need for two separate machines.


So to recap the P5200BC has the all new soft pull recoil start, easy load trimmer head, bump & go line feed system, 3 tooth brush-cutter blade, an industry-leading Hyundai Euro 2 compliant engine, fingertip controls,  a full harness and all the tools you need to get it up and running and maintained.

Covered by a P1PE 2 year UK warranty, you can have the complete peace of mind that in any event, you will have UK backup, parts and support.


What is the 2 stroke mix for this engine? The P5200BC requires a 40:1 fuel oil mix (25ml of 2 stroke oil to every 1 litre of unleaded petrol)

What diameter grass trimming cord does it take? The P5200BC uses 2.5mm nylon cord.

Is this a strimmer? No, grass trimmers and strimmers do a similar job but the word ‘strimmer’ is a manufacturer trademark.

Model: P5200BC
Engine: Hyundai IC52-2R
Fuel: 40:1 Semi-Synthetic Oil / Unleaded Fuel Mix
Noise @ 7m (dB): 104.00
Starting System: Soft Pull Recoil Start
Cutting Width: 450mm Nylon Grass Trimmer, 250mm Brush Cutter
Blades: Nylon Trimmer Head, 3 Tooth Brush Cutter Blade
In The Box: P1PE Grass Trimmer/Brush Cutter, Cow Horn Handles, Split Shaft, Blade Guard, Easy Load Nylon Cutting Head, 3 Tooth Cutter Blade, Tool Kit, Fuel Mixing Bottle, Full Harness, User Manual
Net Weight (kg): 9.00