P1 P4000i 4000W Portable Petrol Inverter Generator

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£804.99 inc. VAT

Maximum output 3800w makes this aclass-leadingg generator ideal for large motorhomes and recreational use.

Rear wheels & front handle for easy transportability.

Push button electric start with recoil backup and remote key fob.

Overload reset button. If overloaded just press reset button instead of having to stop the engine and restart.

LCD Display which displays the voltage, frequency and hour count

“ECO” mode lowers the engine rpm to increase fuel economy and reduce noise, whilst extending the engine lifespan.

Large gravity feed fuel tank, so no primer pumping required.

Covered by P1 2 year warranty.

Full UK service and parts operation to maintain your inverter generator for years to come.

*Please Note* Due to delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and Suez Canal Blockage, there is currently an industry wide shortage of this model. We are currently recommending customers look at the Champion 71003l-E and 71003l-P as an alternative. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The P4000i is a compact yet powerful portable inverter generator powered by the Hyundai IC225D 4-stroke single cylinder air cooled engine, providing a reliable power source.
Producing 3800w the P4000i is ideal for caravans and motorhomes as it allows you to take the modern luxuries from home with you wherever you go.
The P4000i symmetrical design allows you to store it easily and transports in the back of a van or car.
Weighing only 48kg combined with the folding front handle and fixed rear handle plus heavy duty rear wheels makes transportation easy across a variety of surfaces.
It houses a new inverter board designed to cope with the extreme inductive loads applied when using power tools and electric motors with high startup currents.
The new LCD display makes it easy to monitor the performance of the generator, displaying voltage, frequency and hour count.
The control panel features two 230v sockets for use with any appliance which use a standard 3-pin 13A UK mains plug, as well as a 12v DC battery charging outlet and a USB port for charging mobile phones and ipads.
It’s ideal for a variety of uses. Producing a pure sine wave output is ideal for powering most electronic equipment.
The P4000i inverter generator is extremely popular for large motorhome use and it’s built to be user-friendly with low maintenance requirements.
Digital overload protection will shut the generator down should the load pass the maximum threshold, and low oil shutdown also turns off the generator should the oil levels drop too far.
Already an economical generator, the P4000i also has the added benefit of an “ECO” mode which, when selected, will lower the engine revs to match the load being applied, which in turn increases the fuel economy, lowers the noise produced and extends the lifespan of the engine.
In the box you will receive the P4000i Inverter Generator, 2 Manual Start Keys, Spark Plug Spanner, Oil filler Jug.
Covered by P1 2 year warranty.

Engine Model P4000i
Engine Type 4-Stroke, OHV, Single Cylinder, Forced Air Cooling
Engine Size (cc) 225cc
Oil Capacity (ml) 600.00
Noise Level db (A) 58.00
Noise Level db (A) @ 7m 58.00
Rated Speed (rpm) 3600rpm
Rated Power (kW) 3500W
Maximum Power (kW) 3800W
Start Method Push Button Electric, Recoil Backup, Remote Key Fob
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 12.00
Run Time (hrs) 12 hrs @ 50% load
Voltage (VAC) 2 x 230v 3 Pin Plug Sockets, 1 x 12vDC, 2 x USB Charging Ports
Frequency (Hz) 50.00
Alternator Voltage Regulation Yes
Casing Silenced
Box Dimensions H x W x L (mm) 720 x 580 x 655mm
Gross Weight (kg) 56.00
Dry Weight – kg 48.00
Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 550 x 400 x 610mm
Warranty : 2 Year


Max Output kW/KVa : 3.80
Max Output (Amps) :
Voltage (V) :
Frequency (Hz) : 50
Phase : Single
Socket Configuration : 2 x 230v UK 3 Pin Plug 1 x 12v DC 1 x 5v USB
Starting Method : Recoil/Electric/Remote
Noise Level (db(A)) :
Noise Level (db @ 7m) :
Alternator Type :
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) : 6
Max Runtime (Hours) : 12 hrs @ 50% Load
Engine Model : Hyundai IC225D 4-Stroke
Engine Size (cc/hp) : 224
Engine Type : Petrol
Max Engine RPM : 3600
Engine Cooling Method : Air Cooled
Dimensions (LxWxH mm) : 630 x 400 x 520mm
Dry Weight (Kg) : 48
Warranty : 2 Year

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