Hyundai HYSP250C 250w Electric Clean Water Submersible Pump


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  • Powerful performance: With 250w rated Hyundai motor, the HYSP250C clean water pump can be submerged in water up to 6m deep and is capable of pumping 6000L of water per hour, so will get the job done in no time.
  • Lightweight design: Weighing just 3.6kg, this compact Hyundai water pump has a convenient carry handle.
  • Easy to use: The HYSP250C’s built-in float switch automatically starts and stops the pump depending upon the depth of the water it is submerged in.
  • Multi-use: Ideal for a range of clean water pumping applications, including as a hot tub pump, pond pump, swimming pool pump, and for draining basements, sinks, baths, etc.
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai platinum warranty, dedicated after-sales advisors and parts available from our UK warehouse.

Hyundai HYP250C

Our 250-watt electric submersible water pump, the HYP250C is suitable for pumping clean water up to 6 metres deep, making it ideal for use as a hot tub pump, swimming pool pump or to clear garden ponds, puddles or bodies of water built up due to rain.

Powered by a 250w Hyundai electric motor, the HYSP250C has an impressive pumping capacity of 6000 litres per hour, which is 100 litres of fluid a minute!

With a maximum submersion depth / maximum head of 6 metres (19.6 feet) and an automatic float switch to start and stop the pump whenever water is over a certain level, the HYSP250C is ideal for a wide range of clean water pumping applications.

The HYSP250C can pump water up to a temperature of 35°C and handle debris or particles up to 5mm.  Although this pump is for ‘clean’ water only, as it can only cope with debris up to 5mm, it is suitable for pumping out a swimming pool or hot tub, a garden pond or any build up of excess water or puddles. Providing the water doesn’t include large particles or pebbles, the pump will be suitable.

This Hyundai clean water pump has an outlet hose size of 1” to 1¼” which is designed so that it can cope with slightly different hose sizes depending on what you have to hand. The outlet is grooved/ridged, so you can simply slide on your outlet hose as far up as possible, seal in a relevant way and make it watertight.

The inlet diameter of 1½ “and is fitted with an automatic float switch which turns the pump on and off depending upon the depth of the water it is submerged in.

The design includes a carry handle and our HYSP250C Sub Pump only weighs 3.6kg.

It is recommended that an RCD is always used with a submersible water pump, as should be the case whenever electrical products are used near water.

At a glance:

  • 250w power

  • Pumping capacity of 6000L/hour / 100L/min

  • Lightweight at just 3.6kg

  • Ideal as a swimming pool or hot tub pump or for any other excess water

  • Pumps water up to temperatures of 35°C

  • Handles debris, dirt and particles up to 5mm

  • Can be submerged in water up to 6 metres deep

  • 3 year Hyundai warranty

Gross Weight (kg) 4.00
Warranty 3 Year
Model HYSP250C
Rated Voltage 230v - 50Hz
Power 250.00
Max Head (m) 6.00
Max Flow Rate (litres/hr) 6000.00
Maximum Submersion Depth 6m
Outlet Hose Diameter 1" 1-2/4" 1-1/2"
Inlet Diameter 1½”
Max Water Temperature 35°C
Cable Length 10m
Net Weight (kg) 3.60