Hyundai HYJS-950 12v All In One Jump Starter With Air Compressor, LED Light & USB Charging


£146.00 inc. VAT

Key Features
  • Portable power bank, air compressor and 12v jump starter: Ideal as an off-grid power supply and for emergency use
  • 12v car and van battery charging: Never be stranded again because of a dead battery
  • Able to recharge smartphones, tablets and laptops: Two USB slots and two 12vDC power supplies
  • Included air compressor: Provides up to 150psi of compressed air
  • Built-in intelligent microprocessor: Makes charging faster, easier and safer
  • Lightweight and portable: Easily store it in your boot
  • Safe to use: Features protection against short circuit, overheat, overcharge and more
  • Includes LED light: Everything you need in an emergency
  • Peace of mind: 1 year Hyundai warranty

Portable Power Bank, Jump Starter and Air Compressor

The HYJS-950 is a compact all-in-one 12v jump starter, portable power bank and 150psi air compressor from Hyundai, ideal for keeping in your car boot for use in emergencies or on the go.

Off-Grid Power

This all-in-one power bank and jump starter is perfect for charging all types of portable battery-powered equipment (from mobile phones, tablets and car vacuum cleaners to single 12v vehicle lead batteries) when you’re on the road or camping off-grid.

All-In-One Machine

The HYJS-950 is equipped with 2 USB power outputs, and 12VDC power output for powering a range of electrical equipment when away from a power source. It even has an LED flashlight, great for camping or providing additional light when trying to jump-start your car or van at night.

Professional Grade Jump Starter

The HYJS-950 is a 12Ah professional grade jump starter for vehicles up to 2.5ltr petrol and 2.0ltr diesel, perfect for when you’re stranded in isolated areas.

Air Compressor

With this powerful air compressor capable of providing up to 150psi, you can inflate your vehicle tyres in an emergency and also use it for regular tyre maintenance.

Smart Power Source

The HYSC-15000 features a smart built-in intelligent microprocessor which makes charging faster, easier and safer.

Safe Battery Charging

This van battery jump starter’s safety features include sparkproof, reverse polarity, short circuit, overheat and overcharge protection.

Portable Power Supply

This lightweight and portable portable charger is ideal for your car, boat or motorhome, and is handy to store in your boot.

Ideal For Emergencies

Compact and lightweight, the HYJS-950 is ideal for roadside emergencies and can provide hours of power to mobile devices.

1 Year Warranty

For added peace of mind, this Hyundai battery charger comes with a 1 year warranty.



Air Compressor 150 PSI Max
Jump Starter Capacity 12Ah Lead Acid
Jump Starter Input 15V/1A
LED Flashlight 2.5W
Jump Starter Output 5V/2A USB (2 Ports)
Jump Starter Peak Current 950A
Battery Type Lead Acid
USB Output 2 Ports
In the Box HYJS-950, User manual, Inflation adapters, Cable clamps

Jump Starter Capacity: 12Ah Lead Acid
Jump Starter Input: 15V/1A
Jump Starter Output: 5V/2A USB (2 Ports), 12V/10A (2 Outlet), 2.5W LED Flashlight, 150PSI Air Compressor
Jump Starter Peak Current: 950A
Battery Type: Lead Acid
LED Flashlight: 2.5W
USB Output: 2 Ports, 10A (Max 15A)
Air Compressor: 150 PSI Max