Hyundai HYEJ-300K 12V 4 IN 1 Electric 3 Tonne Hydraulic Floor Jack with Tyre Inflator Pump and Electric Impact Wrench


£195.00 inc. VAT

  • Roadside emergency kit including 4 in 1 electric hydraulic jack with tyre inflator compressor pump, electric impact wrench, sockets, gloves, battery clamp and reflective storage case.
  • Push button control, works with 12V vehicle power outlet or car battery.
  • Efficient fast function, lift vehicles in less than 1 minute, non slip cross groove design.
  • 3 tonne maximum capacity, 15.5cm to 45cm lifting range.
  • 340NM electric impact wrench with 4 size sockets that fit most vehicles.
  • Plastic storage carry case that combines as reflective triangle roadside hazard sign.
  • Skid proof storage case allows non skid when stored in the boot of you car.
  • 150 PSI air compressor, includes internal storage area and nozzles for tyre inflation.
  • Built in LED flashlight.
  • 1 year warranty.

4 In 1
4IN1: Electric Hydraulic Jack, Electric Impact Wheel Nut Gun, Electric Tyre Inflator Compressor & Electric LED Work Light.

Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack
The HYEJ-300K is a 12v 3 tonne electric hydraulic floor jack with built in 150psi air compressor and electric impact wrench from Hyundai.

Lifts Up To 3 Tonnes
Lift a vehicle in less than 1 minute the Hyundai floor jack is the all in one automatic electric car repair kit for emergency roadside tyre change and repair. Raise vehicles 45cm off the ground and lifts up to 3 tones.

Easy & Quick
The included super strong torque impact wrench allows to remove screws quickly (includes 2 sockets that cover 4 sizes of wheel nuts- 17mm, 19mm, 21mm & 23mm).

Built-In LED Light
Change the tyre both night and day with the built in LED flashlight and reflective roadside warning sign.

Ideal Emergency Tool Set
The HYEJ-300K is the ideal emergency tool set for any vehicle owner. Powered by your vehicles 12V cigarette lighter power outlet or direct from the car battery, the cross groove saddle prevents slipping from under the vehicle, the heavy duty rotating threaded shaft can be spun out to move the cross groove saddle closer to the lifting point on the vehicle making it strong and safe.

Ultimate Safety
In case the power is disconnected while in use the self locking power structure and safety unloading knob prevents the jack from falling and will not come down immediately. When re-connecting the power jack will go on working in accordance with the instruction or manually use the safety valve.

Inflate Tyres
The built in 150psi air compressor enables you to inflate your vehicle tyres in an emergency and use for regular tyre maintenance.

Safe & Stable
The HYEJ-300K hydraulic floor jack is the ideal replacement to the traditional trolley jack perfect for cars, 4x4s, vans and SUVs weighing upto 3 ton the aluminium alloy chassis is safer and more stable to operate.

In The Box:

  • HYEJ-300K Electric Hydraulic Jack
  • LED & Pump Inflator (3in1)
  • Electric Impact Wrench
  • Plastic Tool Box
  • 12V DC Power Cable
  • Safety Hammer
  • 2 Socket Adapters (4 sizes)
  • Battery Clamp Connecting Cable
  • Nozzles (Narrow Cone, Wide Cone & Needle)
  • Fuse
  • Emergency Wrench
  • Gloves

Covered by Hyundai 1 year warranty.


Input Voltage (Hydraulic Jack): DC 12V
Rated Power (Hydraulic Jack): 150W
Rated Current (Hydraulic Jack): 13A
Fuse (Hydraulic Jack): 15A
Length of Power Cable (Hydraulic Jack): 3.5m
Max Loading Car Weight (Hydraulic Jack): 3.0T
Lifting Height Range (Hydraulic Jack): 155-450mm
Working Temperature (Hydraulic Jack): -15C ~ +50C
Input Voltage (Inflator Pump): DC 12V
Inflating Speed (Inflator Pump): 35L/min
Max Current (Inflator Pump): 10A
Pressure (Inflator Pump): 10BAR/150PSI
Length of Air Hose (Inflator Pump): 600mm
Voltage (Impact Wrench): DC 12V
Max Current (Impact Wrench): 12A
Rated Power (Impact Wrench): 100W
Max Torque (Impact Wrench): 340NM
Weight (Impact Wrench): 1.9KG
In The Box: Hydraulic Jack, LED & Pump Inflator (3in1), Electric Impact Wrench, Plastic Tool Box, 12V DC Power Cable, Safety Hammer, 2 Socket Adapters (4 sizes), Battery Clamp Connecting Cable, Nozzles (Narrow Cone, Wide Cone & Needle) Fuse, Emergency Wrench & Gloves