Hyundai HYCP9070 196cc Petrol Plate Compactor / Wacker Plate with Wheel Kit & Paving Pad


£504.99 inc. VAT

The flagship Hyundai compactor plate, powered by a 196cc 4-stroke recoil start petrol engine for reliable performance.


Ideal for compacting soil, gravel and sand together for patios, driveways, conservatories and more.


Equipped with a large fuel tank for long running.


Fitted with a large plate for working effectively on large areas.


Has a travelling speed of 15m/min, with a compaction depth of 300mm.


Wheel Kit and Paving Pad included.


The HYCP9070 is the flagship compactor plate / wacker in the Hyundai Power Equipment range, powered by a 196cc 4-stroke petrol engine and equipped with an extra-large plate measuring 540mm x 420mm (L x W).

With a travelling speed of 15m/min and a compaction depth of 300mm, this compactor plate is suited for jobs both large and small, such as building driveways, patios, decking, block paving and more. Providing a cost-effective alternative to hiring. The HYCP9070 is more than capable of compacting soil, sand and gravel into a level and solid foundation.

The included paving pad will protect patios and block paving from being marked during use.


The wheel kit and guide handle allows for easy manoeuvrability and incorporates a soft grip foam to increase comfort for the user. The handle will also fold down for ease of transport and storage.

The controls to run the compactor plate are all within easy reach of the guide handle making operation and control simple.


The design of the HYCP9070 is simple and efficient, but it’s built to last for years of reliable service. The V-belt is housed by a hard cover to protect it from the knocks and bumps of construction work, and the handle is covered by a soft grip for increased comfort during operation.


Hyundai HYCP9070 Compactor Plate, Wheel Kit, Paving Pad, Tool Kit, User Manual

Gross Weight (kg): 86.00
Engine Type: Hyundai 4-stroke
Displacement (cc): 196.00
Starting Method: Recoil Pull
Fuel Type: Unleaded Petrol
Noise Rating (dBA): 91.00
Plate Size LxW (mm): 540 x 420
Centrifugal Force (N): 13000.00
Exciter Speed (VPM): 5500.00
Compaction Depth (mm): 300.00
Travel Speed (m/min): 15.00
Exciter Oil Capacity (ml): 100.00
Gross Weight (kg): 86.00
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 940 x 270 x 510
Vibration value m/s2: 15.00