Hyundai HYCP5030 87cc Petrol Plate Compactor / Wacker Plate with Wheel Kit & Paving Pad


£415.00 inc. VAT

Key Features
  • Powered by an 87cc 4-stroke recoil start petrol engine for reliable performance.
  • Ideal for compacting soil, gravel and sand together for patios, driveways, conservatories and more.
  • Equipped with a large 1.6L fuel tank for long running.
  • Fitted with a large 495mm x 320mm plate for working effectively on large areas.
  • Has a travelling speed of 25m/min, with a compaction depth of 150mm.
  • Wheel Kit and Paving Pad included.

Hyundai 87cc Petrol Plate Compactor

The HYCP5030 is powered by an 87cc 4-stroke recoil start petrol engine, with a large 1.6L fuel tank for long running. It’s ideal for compacting loose soil, gravel and sand together to create a solid and even foundation, providing a cost-effective alternative to hiring for the building, construction and landscaping industries.

Large Wacker Plate

It’s fitted with a large plate measuring 495mm x 320mm (L x W) for making quick work of large areas and has a travelling speed of 25m/min, with a compaction depth of 200mm. The V-belt is covered by a guard which protects it from the knocks and bumps of construction work.

Suitable Use

The throttle control is conveniently mounted on the handle, which also has a soft grip cover for increased comfort. It’s designed for building patios, driveways, block paving, garage extensions and conservatory foundations and the compactor plate comes with a paving pad to protect patios and block paving from any marks or damage during use.

To make storage easy, the handles can be folded down over the main unit.

The wheel kit is also available to assist with transporting the compactor from one job to the next.


All Hyundai compactor plates are covered by a Hyundai 3 year platinum warranty.


Engine Model Type Hyundai 4-Stroke
Centrifugal Force (N) 8200
Compaction Depth 200
Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 850 x 660 x 1150
Displacement 87cc
Exciter Oil Capacity (ml) 80
Exciter Speed (RPM) 5900
Fuel Capacity (L) 1.6
Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol
Gross Weight 53
Noise Rating (dBA) 86
Plate Size 495 x 320
Starting Method Recoil Pull
Travel Speed (m/min) 25
Vibration value m/s2 17.5

Gross Weight (kg): 53.00
Engine Type: Hyundai 4-stroke
Displacement (cc): 87cc
Starting Method: Recoil Pull
Fuel Type: Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 1.60
Noise Rating (dBA): 86.00
Plate Size LxW (mm): 495 x 320
Centrifugal Force (N): 8200.00
Exciter Speed (VPM): 5900.00
Compaction Depth (mm): 200.00
Travel Speed (m/min): 25.00
Exciter Oil Capacity (ml): 60.00
Gross Weight (kg): 53.00
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 850 x 660 x 1150
Vibration value m/s2: 17.50