Hyundai HYCH7070E-2 7hp 208cc Electric Start Wood Chipper

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Key Features
  • Heavy-duty 208cc 4-stroke Hyundai engine: Transform piles of garden waste into chippings effortlessly
  • Compact yet powerful chipper: Chip branches with up to a 7cm diameter
  • Easy to use: Ideal for landscapers and novice and experienced gardeners
  • Electric-start: Simply push the start button and you’re away!
  • Raised ejection chute: Direct chippings into a wheelbarrow/trailer or into a neat pile
  • 2-blade drum mechanism: Draws in and chips branches for added safety
  • Easy to move around your garden: Thanks to its front handlebar and 2 pneumatic tyres
  • Extra-safe: Easy-to-reach emergency stop bar for complete control
  • Simple to maintain: Low service requirements
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai warranty

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Finance Available

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    Compact Petrol Wood Chipper

    The HYCH7070E-2 is a powerful wood chipper and shredder from Hyundai. Don’t be fooled by its compact size – you won’t need to compromise on chipping capacity, as this chipper can handle branches with diameters up to 7cm!

    Powerful Hyundai Engine

    Powered by a heavy-duty 208cc / 7hp 4-stroke OHV electric-start Hyundai engine, it will provide you with a powerful performance – as well as being incredibly easy to get started – transforming piles of garden waste into manageable compostable material effortlessly.

    Chip and Shred Wood

    The HYCH7070E-2 is capable of chipping and shredding wood, twigs, trimmings and branches into easily-handled chippings quickly and effortlessly.

    Up To 7cm Chipping Capacity

    Built to make chipping wood simple, safe and easy, the HYCH7070E-2’s twin-blade drum mechanism has been designed to draw in and chip branches with up to a 7cm diameter with minimal preparation.

    Easy To Move Around

    Weighing 75kg, the HYCH7070E-2 is so easy to move between jobs around your garden or rough terrain thanks to a range of specially designed features, including its front handle and 2 off-road pneumatic tyres. Its front-mounted toolbox is also a useful feature.

    Extra-Safe Wood Chipper

    For your increased safety, this petrol wood shredder is able to draw in branches which means extra safety for you as you’re not having to keep feeding the branch into the chipper. Also, the emergency stop bar is convenient and easy-to-reach to minimise any accidents and to maintain complete control over your chipping. It also has sturdy feet to keep the shredder static during use.

    Time-Saving Wood Shredder

    The HYCH7070E-2’s 2800rpm disc speed makes it so you will never have to struggle with back-breaking and time-consuming wood chipping again, making it a great choice for landscapers and both novice and experienced gardeners.

    Easily Direct Chippings

    Thanks to this powerful wood chipper’s raised ejection chute, chippings can be easily directed in multiple directions to suit your need, whether this is into a trailer, into a wheelbarrow, or onto a desired patch of ground, making clear-up even easier and less time-consuming.

    So Easy To Use

    Despite this chipper’s powerful petrol engine and impressive chipping ability, it’s very simple to use and also has low service and maintenance requirements.

    3 Year Warranty

    For added peace of mind, this wood chipper comes with our Hyundai platinum 3 year warranty, as well as full UK parts and service, to maintain your chipper for years to come.

    Wood Chipper Safety

    For safety information on wood chippers, please see here.


    Engine Size 208cc
    Model HYCH7070E-2
    Oil Capacity 0.6
    Starting System Recoil and electric
    Chipping Capacity (mm) 70
    Disc Speed (rpm) (RPM) 2880
    Displacement (cc) 208
    Feed Hopper Opening Size (mm) 350mm x 300mm
    Infeed Throat Opening Size (mm) 150mm x 150mm
    Tyres Pneumatic
    Weight (kg) 75

    Gross Weight (kg): 95.00
    Model: HYCP7070E-2
    Engine Size: 208cc
    Starting System: Recoil and electric
    Oil Capacity: 0.60
    Displacement (cc): 208.00
    Chipping Capacity (mm): 70.00
    Disc Speed (rpm): 2880.00
    Infeed Throat Opening Size (mm): 150mm x 150mm
    Feed Hopper Opening Size (mm): 350mm x 300mm
    Tyres: Pneaumatic
    Weight (kg): 75.00