Hyundai HYBC5200X 52cc Petrol Grass Trimmer / Strimmer / Brushcutter


£139.49 inc. VAT

    • Powerful Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke Euro-V petrol engine with soft-pull easy starting. This High torque engine allows you to cut through the toughest of areas with less strain on the engine, prolonging the engine lifespan when compared to lesser capacity models due to lower revs.
    • Supplied with a new design bump feed nylon cutting head and a metal cutting blade for heavy undergrowth.
    • A large cutting width from 255mm to 450mm allows you to cut through large areas quickly.
    • The ‘bike handles’ or ‘cow horn’ handles provide increased comfort and precise control. The single point adjuster makes for easy adjustment or folding flat for storage.
    • The split shaft makes it easy to transport in the boot of a car.
    • Full double shoulder ergonomic harness and multi-position attachment for ideal balanc.
    • Full spares available to maintain your strimmer for years to come.
    • Covered by Hyundai 3 year warranty.

Hyundai HYBC5200X

The HYBC5200X is a powerful petrol grass trimmer / brushcutter from Hyundai. Its dual cutting capability makes cutting or trimming all types of grass, brambles shrubs and overgrowth easy. This is due to its powerful 52cc 2-Stroke Euro-V Hyundai low emission petrol engine.

This really is a very powerful brushcutter. The high mid-range torque means you dont have to be revving it at maximum speed when in use.

Supplied with a high quality bump feed, two-string nylon cutting head for use as a grass trimmer and 3 tooth metal cutting blade for use as a brushcutter.

It is easy to change the cord due to the new nylon trimmer head provided. The cord is 2.5mm diameter.

The twin shoulder harness ensures you can use this unit for long periods of time so that you don’t strain your back, shoulders or arms. The straight, split shaft allows you to split the unit in half, so that you can easily transport and store the device. The handlebars feature a soft-grip ‘cow horn’ style, which are adjustable and offset to place the cutting head at the centre of the user’s body. This allows for an optimal cutting position and a clean, sweeping action when cutting long grass.

Handle mounted trigger allows easy and precise, fingertip control of the unit. You should use a 40:1 mix of unleaded petrol, with 2-Stroke semi-synthetic oil in this Euro 5 low emission engine.

Switching between the metal blades a 2-String head is easy, and the shaft simply locks into place. With minimal set-up required, simply mix and add the recommended fuel mix using the provided mixing jug, (40:1 unleaded petrol to semi synthetic 2-stroke oil or 1 litre of petrol mixed with 25ml of oil). Fill as required, and you will be ready to tackle your garden. The bump feed allows you to simply ‘tap and go’ if you need to release more nylon string. Changing the nylon cord is easy with the brand new trimmer head. Use 2.5mm diameter cord.

The HYBC5200X is a powerful and versatile addition to any garden tool collection.

What You Receive

In The Box: HYBC5200X Grass Trimmer, Lower Shaft, Trimmer Head, 3 Tooth Blade, Double Harness Belt, Tool Kit, 2-Stroke Mixing Bottle & User Manual.

Covered by Hyundai 3 year warranty.

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Model: HYBC5200X
Engine: 52cc 2-Stroke EURO 5
Fuel Pre-mix Unleaded Petrol/ Semi-Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil, 40:1 Ratio
Engine Capacity: 1.45 kW / 2.0HP
Fuel Capacity: 1.2 Litres
Starting System: Recoil / Pull Start
Drive: Centrifugal Clutch / Split Shaft
Complete With: Full Harness
Net Weight (kg): 9.10kg