Hyundai HY8000RVi Motorhome RV Petrol Leisure Generator (With Static Mounting Kit)

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Key Features
  • Powerful 420cc Hyundai petrol engine: Produces a maximum output of 7.5kW and continuous output of 7kW
  • Lightweight design: Designed to be mounted underneath a large motorhome, race truck, mobile billboard vehicle, etc
  • Ultra-quiet, low-vibration generator: Won’t disturb others
  • Excellent fuel economy: Cost-effective source of power
  • Extra-large 24L fuel tank: Saves you having to keep stopping and topping it up
  • Pure sinewave output: Safe to use with sensitive electronic equipment such as laptops, TVs, etc
  • Control panel inside vehicle: Easy to start/stop the generator and monitor performance
  • Peace of mind: 2 year Hyundai warranty

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Finance Available

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    Hyundai 7.5kW Under-Vehicle Diesel Generator

    The DHY8000RVi is a compact and lightweight diesel generator designed to be permanently mounted underneath of a large motorhome, a race truck, a mobile billboard vehicle or specialist vehicle. Providing a convenient and cost-effective source of power, this generator has an impressive maximum output of 7.5kW, continous output of 7kW, as well as 15kW start-up power output.

    Power Source For Motorhomes

    This diesel generator ideal for use with your motorhome or sports home, allowing you to take both modern luxuries and home comforts with you wherever you go.

    Powerful Engine

    Powered by a 4-stroke OHV IC420 petrol engine with electric start, the DHY8000RVI is able to produce up to 7.5kW and is more than capable of powering televisions, heaters, air conditioning, air pumps for inflatable beds, hairdryers, laptops, phone chargers, lights, etc.

    Tri-Fan System

    The Hyundai 420cc air-cooled engine draws in cool air from around the sides of the canopy through a tri-fan system to increase cooling and reduce noise with the hot air and exhaust fumes being directed downwards and expelled underneath the vehicle.

    Silenced External Exhaust

    The onboard generator comes with al silenced external exhaust that is mounted underneath the vehicle to further reduce noise levels.

    Clean Power

    Designed to offer low noise, low vibration and good fuel economy, the HY8000RVi vehicle-mounted generator features a triple anti-vibration system, twin silencers, triple fan cooling system and digital inverter technology to reduce engine rpm and noise which increases fuel economy and engine lifespan, whilst delivering a fully overload protected pure sine wave clean power output.

    Large 24L Fuel Tank

    The 24 litre long-run stainless steel petrol tank comes with mounting brackets, filler tube and fittings to fit the fuel filler cap to the outside of the vehicle. As it’s so large, it means you won’t have to keep stopping what you’re doing to top it up, providing up to 18 hours run time with a light load and 12 hours under full load.

    Easy To Use

    This generator is really easy to use, making it extremely popular for powering family holidays, and it’s also built with low maintenance requirements for cost-effective, fuss-free power whilst away from home.

    Use With TVs & Laptops

    Able to produce a pure sinewave output, this means that this petrol generator can safely power all sensitive electronics, such as TVs, laptops, etc, without the risk of damaging or overloading them.

    Control Panel Mounted Inside Vehicle

    The digital control panel is mounted inside the vehicle – connected to the generator via an 8m USB cable – allowing you to start and stop the generator without having to go outside into the elements. This control panel also allows you to monitor fuel level, oil level, frequency, AC voltage, power usage, battery voltage and hours run.

    2 Year Warranty

    For added peace of mind, this 7.5kW diesel generator is covered by our Hyundai 2 year warranty.


    Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 390X545X835
    Alternator Voltage Regulation Digital Inverter Regulation
    Dry Weight – kg 88Kg
    Engine Model HY8000RVI
    Engine Type Hyundai IC420E Petrol 4 Stroke OHV Petrol Air Cooled Euro V
    Frequency (Hz) 50Hz
    Maximum Power (kW) 7.5kW
    Oil Capacity (ml) 1100ml Semi-synthetic SAE15w40
    Rated Power (kW) 7.0kW
    Start Method Remote Electric Start
    Recommended Oil Type 10w40 / 15w40
    In the Box HY8000RVI, Engine Oil (15w40 / 10w40 grade), User Manual, Under-Chassis Mounts, Fuel Tank Mounting Brackets, Extended Fuel Filler Tube With Fittings, 8m Cable and Digital Control Panel, External Silencer, Flexible Connecting Pipe

    Engine Model: HY8000RVI
    Engine Type: Hyundai IC420E 4 Stroke OHV Petrol Air Cooled
    Oil Capacity (ml): 1100ml Semi-synthetic SAE15w40
    Rated Power (kW): 7.0kW
    Maximum Power (kW): 7.5kW
    Start Method: Remote Electric Start
    Voltage (VAC): 230V
    Frequency (Hz): 50Hz
    Alternator Voltage Regulation: Digital Inverter Regulation
    Dry Weight - kg: 88Kg
    Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm): 835 X 545 X 390

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