Hyundai HY6500SEi 230V Petrol 6600W/6.6kW Remote Electric Start Portable Inverter Generator

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Key Features
  • Powerful 389cc Hyundai petrol engine: Produces a maximum output of 6.6kW and continuous output of 6kW
  • Ideal for use in a caravan/motorhome or to power a horsebox: Great to power TVs, fridges, heaters, laptops, air pumps, power tools, hairdryers and more
  • Ultra-quiet generator: Won’t disturb others on your caravan/motorhome site
  • Power multiple devices at the same time: Outlets include 2 x 230v sockets, 32A 230v socket, 12v 5A outlet and 12v DC battery charger
  • Compact and portable: Easily store your generator in the back of your van or garage
  • Remote electric start: Includes 2 key fobs, key start & 2 wire ATS start
  • Economical generator: Included ECO mode lowers engine revs to increase fuel economy
  • Easy to use: Popular option for powering family holidays
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai warranty

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Finance Available

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    Top-of-the-Range Hyundai 6.6kW Portable Petrol Inverter Generator

    The HY6500SEI is a top-of-the-range portable inverter generator from Hyundai. Providing a convenient and cost-effective source of power, this quiet inverter generator has an impressive maximum output of 6600w / 6.6kW, and continuous power rating of 6000w / 6kW.

    Power Source For Caravans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes and Motorsport

    Quiet and compact, this powerful generator is capable of powering a number of home appliances, which makes it ideal for serious motorhome, sports home or horsebox enthusiasts, as well as for use for motorsport, equestrian, home standby, and DIY garage use.

    Its high power makes it the ideal complement for professionals who need a portable power source or for those who want to take both modern luxuries and home comforts with them on the road.

    Easy-Start Inverter Generator

    With its powerful 389cc 4-stroke easy-start recoil Hyundai petrol engine, the HY6500SEI is able to produce up to 6600w / 6.6kW and is more than capable of powering televisions, heaters, hairdryers, hair straighteners, fridges, air pumps for inflatable beds, laptops, phone chargers, lights, power tools, etc.

    Generator Sockets

    The control panel features two 230v sockets for use with any appliances which use a standard 3-pin 13A UK mains plug, as well as a 32A 230v socket, 12v 5A outlet, and 12v DC battery charging outlet, allowing you to power multiple things at the same time, such as a heater, kettle and fridge.

    Compact and Portable Design

    Fitted with a robust inverter board that can handle extreme inductive loads applied when using power tools with high start-up currents, this inverter generator can be easily stored in the back of your van or garage. Its moulded handles and heavy-duty wheels also make transportation easy across a variety of surfaces.

    Low-Noise Technology

    Using the latest low-noise engine technology, the HY6500SEI produces only 55 dBA @ 7m to minimise any distruptions or disturbances to your friends and family, as well as others near you on a caravan site.

    Easy To Use

    This inverter generator is really easy to use, making it extremely popular for powering holidays in large caravans or motorhomes, and it’s also built with low maintenance requirements for cost-effective, fuss-free power whilst away from home.

    Starting the generator is simple with key start or a wireless remote start system that will start and stop the generator up to 15 metres away.

    ECO Mode

    Already an economical generator, the HY6500SEI also has the added benefit of an ‘ECO’ mode which, when selected, will lower the engine revs to match only the load being applied, which in turn increases the fuel economy, lowers the noise produced and extends the lifespan of the engine.

    LCD Display

    The HY6500SEI features a full LCD display – which shows the voltage, frequency and hour count – making it easy to monitor how your generator is performing at a glance.

    Use With TVs & Laptops

    Able to produce a pure sinewave output, this means that this petrol generator can safely power all sensitive electronics, such as TVs, laptops, etc, without the risk of damaging or overloading them.

    Safety Features

    Digital overload protection will shut the generator down if devices exceeding 6.6kW start-up or 6kW continuous output are plugged into the generator. It also features low oil shutdown which turns off the generator should the oil levels drop too far.

    3 Year Warranty

    As with all of our Hyundai Inverter Generators, this 6.6kW Inverter Generator is covered by our 3 year platinum warranty.

    Inverter Generator Use

    Please note that inverter generators are specially designed for leisure use – for weekend getaways, holidays or emergency standby use. These generators are not suitable for continuous daily use or as an off-grid power supply.

    For heavy-duty commercial use, we recommend a conventional 3000rpm petrol generator.

    Generator Safety

    Petrol generators must never be used inside due to risk of carbon monoxide poisioning. Please ensure you are fully aware of the danger of operating a generator. To visit our safety page, click here.


    Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 800 x 600 x 780
    Alternator Voltage Regulation Digital inverter
    Dry Weight – kg 89kg
    Engine Model IC390E
    Engine Size (cc) 389
    Engine Type OHV
    Frequency (Hz) 50
    Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 18.5
    Maximum Power (kW) 6600w / 6.6kW / 8.25KVA
    Oil Capacity (ml) 1200
    Rated Power (kW) 6000w / 6.0kW / 7.5KVA
    Rated Speed (RPM) (rpm) 2600-3600
    Run Time (hrs) 1 litre an hour at 50% load
    Start Method Electric Key Start
    Voltage (VAC) 230
    Noise Level db (A) @ 7m 55dB @ 7m 1/4 load
    Recommended Oil Type 10w40 / 15w40
    In the Box HY6500SEi Inverter Generator, 2 Remote Start Keys, 2 ignition Keys, 12v DC Charging Cable, Spark Plug Spanner, Oil Filler Jug, 2 Litres Engine Oil (10w40 grade), Screwdriver, User Manual

    Engine Model IC390E
    Engine Type OHV, Air-Cooled 4-Stroke
    Engine Size (cc) 389.00
    Oil Capacity (ml) 1200.00
    Noise Level db (A) @ 7m 55dB @ 7m 1/4 load, 95dBALwa
    Rated Speed (rpm) 2600-3600
    Rated Power (kW) 6000w / 6.0kW / 7.5KVA
    Maximum Power (kW) 6600w / 6.6kW / 8.25KVA
    Start Method Electric Key Start, Remote & 2-Wire Start
    Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 18.50
    Run Time (hrs) 1 litre an hour at 50% load
    Voltage (VAC) 230.00
    Frequency (Hz) 50.00
    Alternator Voltage Regulation Digital inverter
    Dry Weight - kg 89kg
    Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 800 x 600 x 780

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