Hyundai HY4BC31 31cc 4-stroke Petrol Grass Trimmer / Brushcutter

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Hyundai 31cc 4-stroke recoil start petrol engine so no need to mix petrol and oil. High mid range torque, low noise, low fuel consumption and low emissions.


The 4-stroke engine is much quieter than the equivalent 2-stroke.


Supplied with a three tooth metal cutting blades and a two-string nylon cutting head for all cutting requirements.


With a cutting width of 255mm to 450mm allows you to cut through large areas quickly.


Low weight at just 4.8kg for reduced arm and back strain.


The twin ‘bike’ handles or ‘cow horn’ handles provide increased comfort and precise control.


Covered by Hyundai UK 3 year warranty.


Full UK spares backup.

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The HY4BC31 is a 31cc 4-Stroke  low maintenance petrol powered grass trimmer / brush cutter from Hyundai. Providing a complete cutting experience for all types of gardens, the high quality HY4BC31  3-in-1 grass trimmer / strimmer / brushcutter makes quick work of cutting or strimming through all types of grass, brambles, shrubs and overgrowth due to its powerful 31cc 4-stroke Hyundai petrol engine. This fuss free 4-stroke engine eliminates the need to mix fuel and oil and will outlast your average 2-stroke strimmer.

Supplied with a three tooth cutting blade for use as a brushcutter with heavy brambles and a bump feed two-string nylon cutting head for trimming and strimming long grass, the HY4BC31 puts you in complete control. The cutting blades are made out of durable metal, best suited to cutting through thick brambles, tough weeds and heavy undergrowth. The two-string nylon cutting head makes quick work of overgrown grass, and the bump feed allows you to “tap and go” if you need to release more nylon string for optimum performance.

The metal cutting blade provide a cutting width of 250mm, and the 2.5mm nylon string has a cutting width of 450mm, making this ideal for use on large areas. The cutting heads are easy to switch, allowing you to work uninterrupted and eliminating the need to have two separate machines on the go.

With a 280ml fuel tank, it uses straight unleaded petrol so no messy mixing of 2-stroke oil and petrol required. The CDI ignition system provides easy starting, so even beginners can get started straight away.

The large “bike” or “cow horn” handles are ergonomically designed and provide increased comfort and precision. The trigger and on/off switch is mounted onto the right handle, allowing for easy fingertip control.

Weighing just 4.8kg, and supplied with harness, this 3-in-1 grass trimmer is perfectly balanced and allows you cut through even the largest areas for an extended period without straining your arms, back or shoulders.

Covered by Hyundai 3 year warranty.

Gross Weight (kg): 4.80
Model: HY4BC31
Starting System: Recoil
Cutting Width: 255mm steel blade, 450mm nylon trimmer head
Gross Weight: 4.8kg
Engine: Hyundai 31cc 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled
Fuel: 280ml Unleaded petrol (no 2-stroke oil premix)
Engine Oil: 60ml of SAE15w40 engine oil
In the box: Power unit, split shaft, blade guard, nylon cutting head, 3-tooth cutting blade, harness, tool kit, user manual.