Hyundai DHYC50LE 50mm 2″ Electric Start Diesel Chemical Water Pump

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Diesel-driven water pump with a 50mm inlet/outlet (2″ bore approx.)


Tough plastic pump, specifically for pumping corrosive liquids, chemicals, liquid fertilizer or sea water


6hp four stroke diesel electric key start engine


Maximum pumping head of 35m and lift of 7m


Will pump up to 32,000 litres/hour – 533L/min

Similar to the petrol version, the HY50C, the DHYC50LE is an electric start, diesel-driven chemical pump. The pump which is made out of plastic is to prevent any corrosion occurring that may damage the machine. This makes this water pump ideal for use with fresh water, but also with salt water, chemicals and liquid fertiliser. It can be used for commercial tasks and the plastic pump helps prevent corrosion, expanding the lifespan and preserves the running life of the entire machine.

The benefit of it being diesel powered as opposed to electric, which a lot of water pumps are, is that it can be used in locations that have limited access or is off-grid. Also, as there is no electricity supply needed, so the risk of electrocution by trailing electrical wires through water or puddles is removed. Powered by the rugged Hyundai D300 diesel engine, with electric start and it’s own 12v self-enclosed battery, which makes this easy starting machine a pleasure to use. and a joy to start

Compared to smaller horsepower water pumps or petrol models, a diesel pump typically gets the job done in less time and is more economical to run, using red diesel  commonly found on farms or for fishing boats.

Gross Weight (kg): 62.00
Engine Type: Hyundai D200, 4 stroke single cylinder
Engine Size (cc): 221.00
Fuel Tank (L): 3.60
Fuel Type: Diesel
Oil Capacity (L): 0.60
Noise Level (dB): 105.00
Net Installed Power @ 3000rpm (hp/kw): 3.4/2.5
Maximum Power @ 3000rpm (hp/kw): 3.8/2.8
Net Installed Power @ 3600rpm (hp/kw): 3.8/2.8
Maximum Power @ 3600rpm (hp/kw): 4.2/3.1
Drive Type: Direct drive
Starting Method: Recoil/Electric
Inlet (inches / mm): 2/50
Outlet (inches / mm): 2/50
Maximum Flow Rate (L/min): 533.00
Impeller Type: Nylon/Fibreglass
Pump Type: Nylon/Fibreglass
Total Lift (m): 35.00
Suction Lift (m): 7.00
Boxed Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 580 x 480 x 680
Fully Assembled Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 570 x 470 x 670