Hyundai DHY8000SELR 6kW Silenced Long Run Diesel Generator


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Key Features
  • Dependable long running standby diesel generator for backup power
  • Equipped with a 30L diesel tank for an increased running time of up to 30 hours.
  • Powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled D452 Hyundai diesel engine.
  • Produces a maximum of 6kW of standyby power.
  • Uses ATS capabilities to automatically start and shutdown during a power cut. ATS sold separately.
  • Housed in a silenced case with a sound rating of just 70dB @ 7 metres.

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Finance Available

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    Hyundai 6kW Diesel Generator

    The DHY8000SELR standby generator is the long running version of the DHY8000SE, with a large 30L diesel tank, boosting the maximum running time of this standby diesel generator to 30 hours of backup power.

    Long Running Standby Generator

    Powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled D452 Hyundai diesel engine, the DHY8000SELR backup generator has a maximum output of 6kW. It features the same AVR alternator which produces clean energy. Although it won’t be able to run everything, it allows more essential home items to continue running in the event of a power cut when the National Grid fails.

    The DHY8000SELR is ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) compatible. ATS is an optional extra that can be connected to an ATS system for maximum convenience. When the ATS module detects a loss of power from the mains supply it simply powers your generator up automatically, then shuts it off when it detects power returning from the mains. This is also an electric start diesel generator, with a simple turn of the key being all that’s required to start or stop the machine when controlled manually.

    Silenced Generator for minimum disruption

    Housed in silenced casing, the DHY8000SELR is a very quiet machine and won’t disturb you, your family or your employees when powering your building. With a sound rating of 70dB @ 7 metres you will seldom hear the generator while it’s at work.

    Economical Standby Power

    The DHY8000SELR diesel generator is economical to run, using roughly 1L of diesel every hour. Since the DHY8000SELR can run on red diesel, which is significantly cheaper than the diesel you put into your car making extra savings over long run times, the perfect back-up solution.

    Designed for standby use. For Continuous power supply, we recommend a 1500rpm diesel generator.

    Please note, this is a 3000rpm generator, ideal for backup power in the event of a power cut, or for powering a workshop for example. For more frequent use, or if running for extended periods of time every day (prime power) you should purchase a 1500rpm water-cooled, slow running generator that has a much longer lifespan. For more details on the recommended usage of 3000rpm or 1500rpm generators.

    *All non inverter or converter generators except HY3400 Hirepro:
    Fitted with an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) controlled alternator to maintain voltage as near to 230v as possible. Non AVR alternators have a large fluctuation in voltage and can damage sensitive electronic equipment. If you require a portable generator to replicate the mains supply, it is recommended that a pure sine wave inverter generator is used.


    Model DHY8000SELR
    Rated/Prime kVA* 6.8
    Rated/Prime kW 5.5
    Max/Standby kVA* 6
    Max/Standby kW 7.5
    Phase Single
    Voltage 110 / 230
    Connection Method(s) Sockets – 1 x 115V/16A, 2 x 230v
    Rated Speed (RPM) 3000
    Frequency (Hz) 50
    Max/Continuous Current (Amps) 26A / 23.9A
    Power Factor (Cosφ) 1
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Fuel Tank (Litres) 30
    Noise Level @ 1m 75% load (dB) 96
    Noise Level @ 7m 75% load (dB) 70
    Hyundai Diesel Engine Model D450E
    Power Output (hp) 12
    Engine Displacement (CC) 452
    No. of Cylinders 1
    Recommended Oil Type 15w40 / 10w40
    Oil Capacity (Litres) 1.65
    Oil Filter Part No. D450-B9+D450-B8
    Aspiration Natural
    Fuel Regulation/Governor System Mechanical
    Fuel Consumption (100% Load) [Litres] 1.71
    Fuel Filter Part No. D450-R05
    Cooling Forced Air-Cooled
    Alternator Model D450/500-S01-4
    Breakers 1P 30A 1P 21A 1P 13A
    Brushless With Brush
    Voltage Regulation AVR
    Air Filter Part No. D450-I4
    Net Weight (kg) 160
    Gross Weight (kg) 164
    Wheel Kit? Yes
    Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 960 x 560 x 890
    Battery (Ah) 12v 36a/h
    ATS / MTS Compatible Yes
    Control Panel LED3 DISPLAY
    Warranty (years) 1
    Model EAN 610370632338

    Gross Weight (kg) 170.00
    Engine Type D500
    Engine Type Single cylinder - Forced Air cooled, OHV,
    Power Output (hp) 12.00
    Number of Cylinders 1.00
    Displacement (cc) 452.00
    Cooling Method Air
    Oil Capacity (L) 1.75
    Speed (rpm) 3000.00
    Speed Regulation Type Mechanical governor
    Alternator Type D400-SO1-5
    Voltage Regulation Method AVR
    Power Factor (cosᶲ) 1.00
    Rated kVA 6.80
    Rated kW 5.50
    Max kVA 7.50
    Max kW 6.00
    Voltages - VAC 230.00
    Frequency (Hz) 50.00
    Meter/Display Functions Volts/Frequency/Hours run/Total hours run
    Connection Method (VAC/a) Sockets - 1 x 115V/16A, 1 x 115/32A, 1 x 230V/32A
    Starting Method(s) Electric
    Remote Start Function? Yes
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Fuel Tank (L) 30.00
    Battery Type (v/Ah) 12/36
    ATS Port? Yes
    Low Oil Shutdown? Yes
    Noise Level db (A) 96.00
    Noise Level db (A) @ 7m 70.00
    Box Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 960 X 560 X 890
    Machine Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 920 X 550 X 760
    Net Weight (kg) 158.00
    Wheel Kit? Yes

    Large Camping Equipment
    Large Home
    Light Industrial
    Heavy Industrial