Hyundai 50mm Electric Start Diesel Water Pump DHY50E


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Key Features
  • Diesel open-frame clean water pump: Able to handle tough water pumping tasks in your home or business
  • Suitable for a range of purposes: Can be used to drain hot tubs, swimming pools, garden ponds, puddles or flooded areas
  • 221cc 4-stroke Hyundai engine: Pumps a massive 600L of water per minute
  • Economical: Able to be run on red diesel
  • Electric-start: Easy push-button start with recoil backup
  • Total head of 30m and suction head of 8m: Suitable for a variety of pumping applications
  • 2″ inlet and outlet: Able to handle solids of up to 9mm
  • Open-frame design: Highly portable and protects the pump from knocks
  • Large 3.6L fuel tank: Saves you having to keep stopping and topping it up with fuel
  • Peace of mind: 1 year Hyundai warranty

Diesel-Powered Electric-Start Clean Water Pump

The DHY50E is a diesel open-frame electric-start water pump from Hyundai, able to handle a range of the toughest clean water pumping tasks in your home or business.

Powerful Hyundai Engine

Powered by a 221cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder Hyundai D200 engine, the DHY50E has an impressive pumping capacity of 36,000 litres per hour – a huge 600 litres of fluid a minute! This makes it a great option for preventing or minimising the damage that flooding can cause.

Electric-Start Water Pump

This water pump features an electronic ignition system with easy push-button electric start as well as recoil backup for an effortless start each and every time.

30m Total Lift

With a maximum suction head / lift of 8 metres (26.3 feet) and 2″ / 50mm inlet and outlet, the DHY50E has a total head / lift of 30m which makes it the ideal water pump for a wide variety of clean water pumping applications.

Fresh Water Pump

Designed to be used primarily in fresh water, the DHY50E is able to handle particles, such as gravel or other solids, up to 9mm in diameter.

Suitable For a Range of Purposes

This powerful water pump is suitable for a range of purposes, including as a hot tub pump, swimming pool pump or to clear garden ponds, puddles or bodies of water built up due to rain.

Portable Water Pump

Weighing just 54kg, the relatively lightweight DHY50E is a highly portable machine and has been built with transportation and storage in mind. Its solid open-frame design, which serves to both protect the water pump from any knocks and bumps, also doubles up as handles which makes for easy transportation.

Large Fuel Tank

Equipped with a 3.6 litre fuel tank which provides a long running time, the DHY50E will see you from start to finish on even the largest of jobs and will save you having to keep stopping what you’re doing to fill it back up with fuel.

High-Quality Components

This water pump features a high-quality build, including the pump itself which features aluminium housing with a cast iron impeller for added longevity.

Diesel Water Pump

The benefit of being powered by diesel, as opposed to electric water pumps, is that this machine can be used away from a power source which is especially beneficial if being used in flood conditions as there may not be any power available. It can even be powered by red diesel to keep running costs low.

1 Year Warranty

This open-frame water pump comes with our 1 year Hyundai warranty for added peace of mind.


Model DHY50E
Start Method Recoil/Electric
Pump Type Aluminium Housing
Water Type Clean
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Capacity (L) 3.6
Impeller Type Cast Iron
Drive Type Direct Drive
Engine Oil Capacity (ml) 0.6
Max Flow Rate (L/min) 600
Max Flow Rate (L/hr) 36000
Inlet (inches/mm) 2/50
Outlet (inches/mm) 2/50
Max Solids (mm) 9
Suction Lift (m) 8
Total Lift (m) 25
Engine Model D300
Engine Type Diesel
Engine Size (cc) 296
Maximum Power @ 3000rpm (hp/kw) 5.5/4
Maximum Power @ 3600rpm (hp/kw) 6/4.4
Net Installed Power @ 3000rpm (hp/kw) 3.4/2.5
Net Installed Power @ 3600rpm (hp/kw) 3.8/2.8
Speed (RPM) 3600
Noise Level (db) 105
Gross Weight (kg) 53
Net Weight (kg) 57
Fully Assembled Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 575 x 500 x 570
Package Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 595 x 520 x 600
Product Type Water Pump
Warranty (years) 1
Model EAN 719239572829

Gross Weight (kg): 53.00
Engine Type: Hyundai D200, 4 stroke single cylinder
Engine Size (cc): 221.00
Fuel Tank (L): 3.60
Fuel Type: Diesel
Oil Capacity (L): 0.60
Noise Level (dB): 105.00
Net Installed Power @ 3000rpm (hp/kw): 3.4/2.5
Maximum Power @ 3000rpm (hp/kw): 3.8/2.8
Net Installed Power @ 3600rpm (hp/kw): 3.8/2.8
Maximum Power @ 3600rpm (hp/kw): 4.2/3.1
Drive Type: Direct drive
Starting Method: Recoil/Electric
Inlet (inches / mm): 2/50
Outlet (inches / mm): 2/50
Maximum Flow Rate (L/min): 600.00
Impeller Type: Cast Iron
Pump Type: Aluminium housing
Total Lift (m): 25.00
Suction Lift (m): 8.00
Boxed Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 550 x 460 x 550
Fully Assembled Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 540 x 450 x 540