5kWp Solar Off Grid Home Kit

Off-grid solar kit to power AC loads and incorporate back-up diesel generator – ideal for remote homes.

In the UK, for a typical remote home this PV solar system will be sufficient over spring/summer/autumn months with only occasional diesel use. The generator will be required more in winter – depending upon sunlight and load requirements.
(Systems with bigger PV arrays are also possible).

Normally, loads are run from the inverter which is kept charged by the PV solar array. If the batteries become low or loads required are above a level which the inverter can sustain, then the inverter will signal the generator to start, once it is up to speed loads are transferred to the Genset and the inverter then operates as a battery charger to replenish the batteries. There is no break in supply during changeover.

The system can be programmed so that the generator will run at certain times of the day, or that it will not run unless battery is very flat.


  • SMA Sunny Island battery inverter/charger
  • ~5kWp PV system and solar inverter
  • Battery
    • ~26kWh battery (~13kWh usable at 50% DOD, C20)
    • 3200 cycles to 50% DOD (depth of discharge)
    • 10 year warranty