3000ATS – 100A Single Phase Automatic Transfer Switch Unit

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Key Features

100A Single Phase Automatic Transfer Switch – 3000ATS

  • Suitable for the below Hyundai Generators only
  • DHY6000SE, DHY8000SELR
  • Automatic transfer switch panel with control module
  • Battery charger
  • 20m communications cable

This 100A single phase automatic transfer switch (3000ATS) is only compatible with the following Hyundai Generators. The ATS comes with a 5 Amp battery charger and 20M of communication cable as standard. Hyundai specific connectors are on the end of the comms cable to allow you to connect the ATS to the Hyundai generator.

  • Hyundai DHY6000SE
  • Hyundai DHY6000SELR
  • Hyundai DHY8000SELR

How Does The 100A Single Phase Automatic Transfer Switch (3000ATS) Work?

This transfer switch should be permanently installed close to the mains incoming supply to your building. In normal operation the load is supplying by the mains in the usual way but when the mains power is lost the ATS switch senses this loss and sends a signal to start your generator.

When the generator has started and is up to speed and frequency (normally around 8 to 10 seconds) this automatic changeover switch will automatically transfer the load to the standby generator set.

The automatic transfer switch will continually monitor the mains power and when this returns it will transfer the load back to the mains and initiate a cooling cycle and stop the generator. The transfer switch will then reset in readiness for the next power interruption.

Installation Note

The system is intended to be installed by a professional electrician with experience in standby power. Please contact Hampshire Generators if you need any assistance. Hampshire Generators can also maintain your generator with a regular cost-effective service plan or one-off visit. Simply call 01329 722390 or inquire via contact us page for more information.


2 x 4 Pole AC1 Rated Contactors, Electrically & Mechanically Interlocked “break before make”
Phase Failure Relay For Mains Monitoring
Mains (Utility) – Delay On Load Timer ( Pre Set 10sec ) ( Adjustable 0.3 Sec – 30 Hrs )
) Generator – Delay On Load Timer ( Pre Set 30sec ) ( Adjustable 0.3 Sec – 30 Hrs )
10 Amp Mains L1- 240v A/c Auxiliary Supply For ( B/Charger / W/Heater)
Set Rated Fuses for control circuit
Mains On Load Volt Free Contact ( For BMS )
Generator On Load Volt Free Contact ( For BMS )
Set Volt Free Contacts for remote Start Facility ( 2 Wire Start )
Mounted Within an all Steel Enclosure, with Top & Bottom Removable Gland Plates.
IP65 Rated RAL7032 With Lockable Door 1 Key Supplied & Wall Mounting Brackets