240 volt portable SKA1500 battery pack Solar Generator 1503Wh

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Amazing Portable 240v mains power wherever you need it. The future is here

Easy to use • Safe • reliable • silent • clean • future technology

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    SKA1500 Solar Generator Battery Pack

    1503 Wh, 1500 watt continuous output 240 volt AC

    240 volt Mains power wherever and whenever you need it. Very high quality 18650 Lithium Batteries. Advanced Ultra Pure sine wave output so perfect for even the most delicate electronics, Laptops, computers, TV’s, Phones, IPads

    Easy to use • Safe • reliable • silent • clean • future technology

    Rugged silver Aluminium construction with carry handle and only weighs 14kg.

    This amazing unit is ideal wherever you need portable mains power.

    True silent operation, can be used safely inside, no exhaust fumes, reliable power. No starting worries or flammable petrol/Diesel to have to worry about.

    The future is here!

    Can be recharged using the supplied mains adapter or it has built in MPPT technology for recharging from a solar panel. Charge up during the day and use over night. Lots of power available to run your TV’s, computers, lights, consoles, charging phones etc.

    Multi Safety features – Short Circuit protection, Over Current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over temperature protection.

    Size   408 x 164 x 273mm

    Supplied charger DC32v/9A

    Solar Charging MPPT, 32v ~ 45v, up to 9A max

    DC Output Output DC voltage: 5V USB, 12V 6. Output current: USB 1: 5V/3A(4 ports) 12V/8A (2 ports)

    AC Output   2 x UK 3 pin sockets 240v AC 1000W continuous 50 Hz

    Power Indicator 1 LCD Display, 1 Indicators

    Operating Temperature    -10°C – 65°C

    Operating Humidity   95%

    Work for load power 1500W max electricity products
    Battery capacity: 28.8V52.2Ah (144 batteries) 1503Wh 417600mAh
    Cell type: 18650 lithium battery
    USB1 output: 5V / 3A
    DC output: 12V / 10A (MAX)
    AC output: 220V / 1500W / 50Hz(pure sine wave)
    Input voltage: 36V-65V
    Input current: 6.0A (MAX)
    Charging time: 8-9 hours
    Static power consumption: ≤200uA
    Cycle life: ≧ 800 times (battery left capacity ≧ 80%)
    Working temperature: -10 ℃ --- 50 ℃
    Volume: 408 * 163 * 256MM
    Weight: 14 kg

    2. Packaging info

    Product size: 408*164*273MM
    Product weight: 14KGS
    1PC Per Carton
    G.W: 18KGS
    Meas: 53*32*38CM

    Medium Camping Equipment