100Wp Solar Panel Kit for Caravan/Boat

SKU: 100WP Solar Kit

£398.49 inc. VAT

This kit uses a lightweight and semi-flexible solar panel that can be fixed onto the deck of a boat or roof of campervan, caravan or motorhome.


  • Sunpower lightweight, flexible 100Wp PV solar panel
  • Charge controller to control charge into the battery
  • Cable entry gland – two glands, one positive, one negative

The panel can be bonded to the roof surface using Sikaflex 521 UV adhesive without drilling any holes through the roof.

Cable entry gland included provides a waterproof seal around cable entry holes into the roof.

(Screws, bolts & adhesive not included)

The charge controller maximises charge from the panel into the batteries and includes a display to show power that is being generated as well as monitoring battery condition and state.

In the UK summer this 100W 12V solar  kit will charge your battery around 30 amp hours per day on average.

Panel size: 1165 x 556 mm