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Hyundai HY220DC Hire Pro Site Petrol 150 Amp Welder Generator 4.4Kw / 5.5kVa
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£1,350.00 £1,295.00 inc. VAT

The Hyundai Industrial HY220DC Generator

The Hyundai HY220DC HirePro® is a British made generator built in the United Kingdom using a British-made frame, rugged Italian NSM Nuova Saccardo Motori alternator, and a Hyundai engine. With that much power, in that small of a frame, it becomes evident that the Hyundai HY220DC provides high quality power to commercial workers around the continent


Large 32mm powder coated tubular frame.

Easy pull recoil start.

Ideal for site use, commercial use, tradesmen or home/garage use.

Hyundai 420cc 15hp / 4-Stroke commercial use engine.

115v and 230v outputs.

Overload protection.

Low oil level protection.

Improved exhaust design reduces noise levels.

6.5L fuel tank giving 6 hours run time.

Simple to maintain.

Covered by a Hyundai 3 year platinum warranty.

Full UK service and parts operation to maintain your generator for years to come.

Kipor 180TW Welder Generator
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£1,599.99 £1,519.99 inc. VAT
Kipor 180TW Welder Generator
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£1,599.99 £1,519.99 inc. VAT

Kipor KDE180TW Diesel Generator

The Kipor KDE180TW is a portable generator specially designed for welders. The machine is a single unit that is engineered with dual function technology that enables the user to weld and power devices at the same time. The portable weight and compact design make this machine perfect for the working welder.

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