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Hyundai DHY12500SE 10kW/12.5kVA 230v Mains Standby Silenced Diesel Generator
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The Hyundai DHY12500SE Diesel Standby Generator

The Hyundai DHY12500SE diesel generator creates 10kW of clean power via the equipped V-twin 3000rpm engine. Designed to be a stationary standby unit, the DHY12500SE embodies a large 60 litre fuel tank to guarantee that it will days on one tank of fuel. Extremely powerful and reliable, this is a great generator for home owners and business owners to use as a standby.

10kw/12.5kVA maximum output

Long run 60 Litre diesel tank

ATS/2-wire/Key start

Low noise 65 to 70db @ 7m

AVR Alternator

Portable- on wheels

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