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Meet Ben Artzi: An Interview with Generator PRO CEO

As founder of Generator Pro, Ben Artzi has been with the company since the beginning. He now serves as Generator PRO CEO, overseeing the success of every project. We’d like to give you a chance to hear from Ben himself about his background and how he’s contributed to Generator PRO development and growth.

Q: What was your experience in the generators related industry prior to starting Generator PRO?

A: In high school I had a summer job as an assistant technician with an outdoor concert producer. Basically most I was doing was carrying and installing equipment. But what excited me most of all was we would go to completely remote places hundreds of miles away from any mains connection and run a music concert with thousands in the crowd and music level that makes your body shake. That’s when I fell in love with the power of generators.

Ever since I can remember myself the type of stores that attracted me the most were power tool shops. I always found them so interesting – just playing with the appliances, reading the specs and imagining what they can do… The two countries that impressed me the most in that perspective were Germany and America. I always had a dream of bringing the UK the same type of value for money you can get for power tools and generators in America and Germany.

Before the internet era fairly smaller companies like ours could not bring value for money in the generator world to the UK. But now we do not need to have huge warehouses and invest millions to compete with large companies. Our online stores are sufficient today to bring the best value for money in the generator market – like there never was in the UK.

Q: What was your role when you founded the company?

A: Well, I didn’t really start a company. I was in the midst of a different project, which actually failed colossally, and needed to buy a generator in the UK. I needed to buy a generator and was shocked by the prices UK sellers offered. The prices were so uncompetitive and no alternative could be found. Most retailers brought very few brands and charged so highly for them. Besides inefficient, I also found it unfair. The type of people who buy generators are everyday people like you and me – working class people mostly. Some of our customers are families who live in remote areas and suffer cut offs every winter. Why should they pay so dearly for generators that keep their homes lit pay so much for such a basic need? That’s the reason we’re here. Another example is working class families that enjoy going camping on holidays. Before we entered the market such families would have to pay over £400 for small 1000w generators – we’re so happy to offer these families 1000 watt generators from only £100.

Q: What is your role today? Did you develop the idea of “genuine advice”?

A: Genuine advice is the most important part of our website and the part I enjoy doing the most. So many years of dealing with generators, power tools, and also outdoor equipment brought us to be able to provide professional advice for any need. Many other retailers just try to get you to pay for something, anything…. We focus on getting the best solution for the client – not on getting rid of overstocks…. We ask many questions to understand what type of equipment the client needs to run, in what circumstances, how frequently, etc. Only when we know your needs we give you a genuine, professional advice.

Q: How does it work?

A: It’s so simple ! Just go on the website and start a chat. IF none of our pro-team is available you can just use the chat window to send us a message. Just tell us what your needs are. We will get back to you asap with all the relevant answers!

Q: What makes you particularly proud of in terms of Generator PRO customer relationship?

A: We don’t just give you pre-sale service- we give you constant and ongoing service from A to Z! Any question you have – whether you’re a prospective customer, current customer or not a customer at all – we will give you a clear, honest, professional advice regardless of our commercial needs. We’re just worried about giving real, honest and genuine advice.

Q: I guess you’d call this your business’s competitive advantage?

A: It’s one of many but definitely out of those we’re most proud of! We take huge pride in our ability to continuously offer great advice to our clients. We’re getting so many positive supportive feedback we cannot stress enough how proud, content and satisfied it makes us.

Q: What are your other advantages? Price? Delivery speed? Guarantee?

A: We bring the best value for money in the UK and Europe. We will never rip off our customers the way so many other online sellers do. We have a dedicated group of buyers who are going around the world to find us the best products for the lowest price. You see, we are not like other sellers who have a very slow stock turnaround. We sell hundreds of generators worldwide every week. So we don’t make a lot of money of each generator we sell but we do succeed by selling so many of them with a small margin.

We provide a two year guarantee for any and every part of any generator. We would help you find out what’s the problem, how to avoid having such problems in the future and find you the best place to have the item repaired – whether you’re in the UK or anywhere else in the world!

Q: What is your most successful product?

A: Ohhh, that’s one difficult question. I do feel, however, we take huge pride in bringing Stanley generators to the UK market. Becoming Stanley’s and Black and Decker’s exclusive UK generator retailers was not easy, I must say. Such household names scrutinize their dealers so deeply and we succeeded to withstand their ever so high standards. It’s such an honour to bring customers around the UK and Europe such high end world renowned brands is an absolute delight for our entire team and all our customers!

Take a look at Ben in action, describing initial setup of Black and Decker 2000w Silent Inverter Generator:

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