How To Install Wheel Kits On A Generator

How To Install Wheel Kits On A Generator

Being able to quickly and easily move your generator to where it needs to be makes life so much easier. Although some medium to large-sized generators come with wheels attached as standard, not all do. Also, even though some generators are small enough to pick up and carry, you might not want to carry one over much of a distance.

Luckily, to solve these issues, you can purchase generator wheel kits. These kits can be universal or specific to the make and model of your generator. As well as compatibility with your generator, there are a few other things you need to consider when choosing and installing your generator wheel kit. These include the qualities you should look for depending on the distance you will expect to be moving your generator and over what terrain. 

In this article, we will talk about some of the best generator wheel kits on the market and some tips and tricks on generator wheel kit installation. 

Best Generator Wheel Kits

A good generator wheel kit will fit the size of your generator and have suitable wheels and tyres for the terrain you will be using your generator on. They should also enable you to get your generator around tight corners, if required.

The generator wheel kit should also be sturdy, strong and come with a handle, or handles, that are comfortable to hold.  The parts should be strong, but allow some maneuverability too.

Some generators have specific wheel kits but some universal kits work just as well, or even better, depending on your requirements.  We do not recommend trying to make your own wheel kit or trolley for your generator due to the risks involved in moving and handling heavy machinery. 

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Your Wheel Kit

To ensure that you are getting a wheel kit that is going to meet your needs, you should consider the following before making your purchase.

Size & Weight Of The Generator

The wheel kit must be sturdy enough to manage the weight of your generator when full of fuel.  If choosing a trolley-style generator wheel kit, the dimensions of the generator must fit inside the trolley frame.

For some sizes of generators, a 2-wheel generator wheel kit will be enough. For larger generators, a 4-wheel or trolley-style kit will make it more easily moveable. 

Quality Of The Wheels

Depending on how often you expect to be moving your generator around, and over what terrain you will be using it, the type of wheel and tyres can make or break how portable your generator will be. 

For rough terrain, such as building sites or farms, larger wheels and solid rubber tyres are a good option.  But, if a generator is for home use, smaller and more easily maneuverable wheels will make it easier to move in smaller spaces, as well as take up less storage space. 

Mobility Factors 

Not all wheels on generator wheel kits turn.  So, if you require maneuverability in small spaces, this is something you need to consider.  For very rough terrain, fixed wheels might also sometimes cause the generator to tip which is not ideal.  So, make sure you consider wheel mobility before choosing your generator wheel kit.

How To Replace Generator Wheel Kits

Wheel kits come with full instructions. However, the following hints and tips will help you with your generator wheel kit installation.

  • Ensure you have all the required pieces of the wheel kit before you begin.
  • Check you have the necessary tools. 
  • Double-check you have the correct instructions for the right make and model of your wheel kit.
  • Ensure your generator is empty of fuel and oil before you start.
  • Consider, if it is safe to do so, putting the generator on a higher surface to make it easier to work on – the tailgate of a truck for example. 
  • To make the protective rubber sleeves and grips slide over the metal tubes more easily, consider using a little soap and water for added lubrication.
  • When attaching the handle, make sure the screws are tight enough to be safe and secure but still loose enough for ease of movement.

Attaching a generator wheel kit can seem an easier task than it is. Generators are heavy and attaching a wheel kit can be risky. Always consider the health and safety of yourself and others before attempting it. 

Hopefully, this article provides some advice for choosing and aiding those who want to install a wheel kit themselves. However, if you are in doubt, it is always best to consult a technician. 
For expert help and advice on making your generator truly portable with a wheel kit, get in touch with us at Generator Pro.

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