Generator Quick Start Guide

You need a generator. You find the perfect generator and make the purchase. It arrives and well umm… How do you start the d*mn thing!?! Never fear, Generator Pros quick start guide is here! Now some generators are different to others so the process of starting your generator may be different to other generators you own however, if you follow this guide, you can’t go wrong!


Warning signs WS according to ASR A1.3-2013 and DIN EN ISO 7010 WS2-B1  (597-62232) | HellermannTyton

You must never start a generator under load. Make sure you have disconnected all your appliances from the generator before starting to limit damage to the generator and/or appliances. This guide will tell you when it is safe to add them.

Step One: Find a level surface

Generator Quick Start Guide - Level surface

The first thing to do when starting a generator is to find a level surface in a well ventilated location. Generators emit dangerous greenhouse gases which if breathed in for an extended period of time can cause long term health conditions. Therefore you must never run a generator inside a house or building.

Step Two: Add Oil

Generator Quick Start Guide - Oil

Like any combustion engine, generators need oil. If you are unsure what oil you need, check out our guide. Use a funnel to add the oil to the generator Make sure to add enough but don’t overfill it! You should be able to find the oil capacity of your specific generator in your user manual.

Step Three: Fuel

Generator Quick Start Guide - Fuel

No matter what fuel you will be using to power your generator, you will now be ready to connect/insert it! If you have a 2 stroke generator then you will need to mix your petrol with two stroke oil before you pour it into the fuel tank. Add the fuel to the generator allowing for one quarter inch of space for fuel expansion. Once the fuel has been added and you are ready to start the generator turn the fuel valve on. If you are unsure where the fuel valve is then check your user guide which should have a diagram which shows you.

Step Four: Start your engines!

How to start your portable generator?

Starting the generator itself takes a few steps. If you have a push button start generator then you must make sure the starter battery is charged. Firstly you must move the choke lever to the choke position and turn the ignition on. Then pull the pull cord slowly until you start to feel resistance. Once resistance is felt, you can start to pull rapidly. It may take a couple of attempts to start the generator. After about 5 minutes of running the generator, you can plug in your appliance and start pulling power. If you need more information then what you can find in this Generator Quick Start guide, check out this video made by our friends at Champion Generators.

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