Diesel Generators VS Petrol Generators: Which One Is Best?

Diesel Generators VS Petrol Generators: Which One Is Best?

People can get defensive about their choice of generator and they are likely to tell you that their choice (whether petrol or diesel) is the best choice for you too, but without necessarily giving you any facts about why this is the case.

At Generator Pro we love all generators, they’re like our children, we wouldn’t pick a favourite! We’ll just simply give you the straight facts and tell you truthfully about the disadvantages as well as the advantages of petrol generators and the advantages and disadvantages of diesel generators.

So, by the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed choice about which generator is the best fit for your individual needs.

Diesel Generators – Pros & Cons

  • Although diesel generators are typically more expensive than petrol generators, if it is going to be used for long periods, a diesel generator is more fuel-efficient than most petrol generators.
  • Depending on the environment you will be using your generator in and how safety conscious you are the fact that diesel, due to its molecular makeup, is far less flammable than petrol might be particularly important to you.
  • Diesel generators are usually quieter than their petrol counterparts. So, if noise level is a big factor in your choice, you might want to focus your search on diesel generators.
  • If you need big power output, a diesel generator generally provides more Watts.
  • Currently, in the UK, we are experiencing some fuel shortages and this seems to be particularly affecting the availability of diesel. Therefore, this may be something to consider when making your choice.

Petrol Generators – Pros & Cons

  • If you want a wider range of generators to choose from, there are more options when it comes to petrol generators.
  • When it comes to costs, if you are looking for a lower initial outlay then petrol generators might be the way to go for you. Their starting price is lower than diesel generators; ours start at around £100.
  • For the environmentally-conscious among you, petrol generators generally produce less harmful CO2 emissions.
  • Petrol is cheaper than diesel so it will cost you less to refuel.
  • The high temperature that petrol burns at can put excess strain on the working parts of your generator – this means that if your generator is to be used a lot and for long periods it is likely to need replacing sooner than its diesel equivalent. 

The Decision

To help you make the right decision based on your individual requirements it is worth making yourself a list of the most important factors for your circumstances and using the pros and cons of each listed above.

We Can Help

Our team at Generator Pro love all generators and will be able to give you unbiased and expert advice taking into consideration your exact circumstances and requirements.

We know how important making the right choice when it comes to a generator is; choose the right one and it will be an essential companion to you for work, leisure or home use for years to come. So don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask us for advice.

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